The incredibly intelligent man I marry will be the father of my precious daughter.

I lie to myself and others when I say I don’t want children in the future. I want a daughter and I want to show all the affection that was never shown to me by my mother. I swear, I will listen to her, accept her and never let her feel alone, abandoned, ignored or unaccepted. Without thinking, she picks up the phone to call me, text me, e-mails me, show up at the front door to tell me that she wants to talk to me. I will talk to her about anything and offer my most honest opinion and perspectives. I will treat my daughter with respect. I will never, ever let her feel she is ashamed to come home to introduce me to her friends and/or significant other. I will never let her feel as if she could not talk to me any topic. No topic is off limit… I want to hold her, hug her, kiss her so many times that she will never feel neglected by her mother.


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