Work Hard, Play Hard

Good morning! I’m on surge to find extremely aesthetically fabulous bikinis for my summer vacations. So far, I’m planning to visit California and all the fun cities, vineyards and take a tour of Hollywood Hills, I am set on crossing this off my bucket list before the year ends. Still, I have got to do some research on the best days to purchase plane tickets for domestic trips, it’s been a while since I flew anywhere in the country. Where do you guys suggest I should visit while I’m staying in L.A? Fun places? Serene destinations with majestic views? Best beaches? Best nightlife? Haha, getting a bit carried away with precise questions. Can you sense my enthusiasm?!!! I’ve been researching a bit about San Juan in Puerto Rico and the city seems very charming and quite fantastic for a week to 2 weeks trip. I might have to consider this as a second vacation.

For the rest of my day, I will finish my 1000 word research proposal which will be completed by the end of tonight and find the time to read a bit from “The Attention Merchant” by Tim Wu, a fascinating history of the prominent characters in media and advertising whom revolutionized how we consume information on the internet. I’m fairly excited to check out the rest of the chapters as I have read a few already. Looking forward to some leisure reading but not THAT excited for conducting research through catalogues and databases, but I still gotta do it.

I’m pondering on the subject of bikinis because I am a bit conservative when it comes to what the bottom part will look like. Too sexy or a bit more relaxed? I’ll be the judge of that.

– J


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