Welcome to my blog!

Hello visitor! I am not new to blogging on WordPress but I am exceptionally excited and novice to the content creation aspect of a new blog. In the past, I have written personal posts and published the stress-induced, expansive and some what sad entries for my readers to read. Luckily for me, now in 2017, I can move on from those moments of distress to this new, fresh blog about BOOKS AND BIKINIS for the summer and ever more seasons to come. (bksnbikinis.wordpress.com). I finally decided on this URL name as a brand for this new writing haven that will be focused on new books as well as my goals and journey to get to my best shape for my summer bikinis and other cute outfits. Don’t nobody come to my page and start to body shame or disrespect me or any of my followers, that will be not be tolerated at all. I will make sure that there will be none of that under my supervision. Well, it’s 3:12 a.m. on a Monday night which means I should be getting some shut-eye right about now. Talk to you all in the morning with a new post.

Sweet dreams x

– J


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